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Bug#385650: tasksel: The kde-desktop task should list kaffeine(-mozilla) media player

[Joey Hess]
> Does kde not include a default media player?

Well, I do not have complete knowledge about the KDE facilities, but
as I see it, the default KDE do not include a media player of the same
kind and quality as kaffeine.  There is kscd capable of playing CDs,
and konqueror can play music files, but for video and for
administrating your music collection, I've tested a few tools, and
currently landed on kaffeine.

> Note that some of the recent additions to the gnome task are because
> gnome currently has a few holes in their standard apps, so the kde
> task doesn't need to worry about filling those holes unless it has
> the same ones..

Right.  Good point.  I'll keep that in mind while I compare the
packages in debian-edu and kubuntu with the kde-desktop task in

I suspect it will be useful to list a few packages directly instead of
hoping 'kde' to pull them all in, to work better with CDs (or
installations from CD) where the 'kde' metapackage is missing becaues
there were not room for the entire KDE system.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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