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Re: Error in Installation Guide, amd64 for EM64T?

On 9/1/06, Tapio Lehtonen <tale@iki.fi> wrote:
Installation guide says in Chapter 2:

"If your system has a 64-bits AMD64, Intel EM64t or Intel Core 2 Duo
processor, you will probably want to use the installer for the amd64
architecture instead of the installer for the (32-bits) i386

Is this really true? What is installer for i64 good for, then?

Or does Intel have in addtition to EM64t prosessors another kind of
64-bit prosessor that is not compatible with amd64?

The ia64 architecture is not the same as the EM64t architecture.

The ia64 architecture is completely incompatible with i386, it was
developed by Intel and HP to be much better than the previous Intel
architecture, but it was not very accepted, because it was so
incompatible with i386.

So, I guess the Installation Guide is ok.


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