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Bug#376635: tasksel: tasks icon infrastructure.

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Gustavo Franco wrote:
> > Could you give me a hint about the best image format to the 'icon'
> > feature? 
> I haven't thought about it..
> > Btw, could we use country/region flags to the l10n tasks?
> I don't see the point, since those tasks are not user-visible.

While we're at it, Joey, do you think that we should keep them

Currently, this is quite a load for translators because as soon as
someone adds a language task, they have to update their
translations. (Usually 2 fuzzy strings per new task)

This, for something that is indeed not used...:-)

Of course, if we have some future plans to allow displaying the l10n
tasks optionnally in the future, we should keep them
translatable. IIRC, there is a bug report about this, especially to
allow selecting more than the only language tasks that are selected
because of the instalaltion language.

Do you think that you could, or someone else, have a look at this
someday, and add a tasksel question (medium priority) to select
additionnal l10n tasks?

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