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Re: pressed , display only netcfg-info box to user

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 02:20:48PM +0300, george wrote:
> is it possible to force the installer to display
> the dialog box that contains the fields that
> accept the information that is mentioned above
> as pressed file directives, and if possible do
> this regardless of the debconf priority level
> the purpose is while having already awnsered all
> the questions through the preseed file,
> get the network specific information so that
> is possible to download packages near the
> end of the installation with 'in-target' commands

I don't understand the question ( so I should shut up ;-)
but I still dare to hint to use / to get a DHCP server on your LAN.
That service makes it possible to configure the network, hence allows it
to get to the 'in-target' commands.


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