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Bug#381979: Patch for this bug, RFC

yesterday i produced a dirty patch [1] for the GTK frontend to make the underlying DFB system force-reload the keymap at every frontend_go() call and Davide made tests and confirmet it works. This patch direcltly calls a DFB function from the GTK code: this is unclean and will be polished as soon a new ad-hoc function will be added to GDK API, so this is a temporary workaround. Such a patch forces DFB to reload keymap at every gtk_go() call: this means an impercetible overhead, but i was wondering if there is a way to detect if the keymap has changed without adding the burden of an IPC system (pipe or signal) between localechooser (or whatever d-i component sets the keymap) and the GTK frontend.
Awaiting for suggestions..



[1] http://mail.directfb.org/pipermail/directfb-dev/2006-August/002257.html

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