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Re: Urgent : megaraid and qla2300 modules not found

Hello Dan, Frans

Today I can install the debian on our ia64 machine :-) and all work fine.
The megaraid is correctly recognized and no errors with  initramfs.
the cd net install image is the 20060827

I don't know if my previous problem (random boot on megaraid or qla
controller) are solved because
I'm not tested the qla23xx drivers (no time), but I try this week-end if

Many thanks for your help


Frans Pop wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 August 2006 13:27, you wrote:
>> No changes with the netinstall dayly build today :-(
>> missing megaraid.ko megaraid/megaraid_mm.ko and
>> megaraid/megaraid_mbox.ko I continue to download from my website these
>> 3 files.
> Well, getting changes into daily builds takes some time...
>> And the problem with initrd-tools continue to stop the install process.
> This should really be fixed tomorrow now as I can see that the new version 
> of base-installer is now listed as "installed" in the archive.
> The new 2.6.17 kernel with the missing modules will take one more day 
> (provided there is no build unexpected errors due to the switch).

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