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Bug#379052: /etc/default/locale won't work as you expected, seems need more works

Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):
> Hi,
> Denis suggested dropping /etc/environment and moving locale
> information to /etc/default/locale.
> I support this idea, but currently this change prevents
> the localized desktop environment.
> GDM is launched in local language using /etc/default/locale
> (called by /etc/init.d/gdm).
> But when user logins without any modifications, the desktop
> environment will be shown in only English.
> This is because LANG isn't defined (GDM_LANG is empty also).
> No startup routine care it at this time.
> Of course if user chooses language from GDM option and
> logins, .dmrc includes LANG information is created,
> then the desktop will be shown in choosed language... well,
> but I believe such manual doing is not smart.

This is probably more localization-config job, then. This beast is
supposed to come back to life at some moment. I played a little with it.

Denis, could you have a closer look at this bug report ?

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