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Bug#375491: yet another lvm_removal_on_demand patch suggestion

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 08:39:58AM +0200, David Härdeman wrote:
And here's an updated patch. This one is tested and works with one exception: if you do an automated partman-auto-lvm install two times in a row, the parted server seems to become confused and the manual partitioning screen is messed up thereafter.

This still needs fixing but I'm unsure of what goes wrong and why (note that the idea of a "disappearing" disk, which is what a VG/LV removal looks like to parted, has not been tried yet in partman-* as far as I know).

I've CC:ed Colin Watson who perhaps knows a bit more than me about parted_server?

Latest patch attached...(the section under the "Make sure that parted has no stale LVM info" is what needs to be checked)...

Nevermind, I found a fix for this problem. I've committed the fixed patch to SVN today.


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