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Re: Bug#385180: GRUB 2 support

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> > Asking at low priority would also be ok, if enough people would actually
>> > use it to justify all the traslator work and added space of such a
>> > user-visible question.
>> Well, in that case I'll then apply the patch and manage to have it in.
> Please make the question *not* translatable by removing the leading
> "_".
> I actually don't want translators invest their time in translating
> experimental stuff. If Grub2 stuff ever comes stable enough, 
> we will anyway make it the default so the question will disappear.
> My own opinion with regards to this is that experimental stuff does
> not belong to the released D-I. It has never been done this way.
> But the final word belongs to the D-I RM.

Well, it's not exactly an experimental package. It's releases and
usable for a lot of people. I just don't think it's suitable to Etch
since it's receiving too many modification and redesigns from upstream

I'll make it not translatable, no problem.

But I have no problem to disable it for releasing. I just wish to have
some time with it enabled to catch how many bugs we can.

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