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I met some issue for Daily Etch installer

Hi Guys.

If you know these issue, please ignore.

Today (about 11:00AM in jst), I downloaded daily etch installer.
And I test it.

I met some issue.
(1) Does screen shot button work? Installer made tasksel_first_0.png,
tasksel_first_1.png, popularity-contest_participate_0.png and
x11-common_upgrade_issue_0.png. I send me these images to Sarge Machine.
GIMP and Firefox does not open these images. It is broken.

(2) In tasksel_first stage, I wondered that tasksel point taskname disappear.
    I point other taskname, It disappear. But Last taskname appear.

Yukiharu Yabuki (矢吹幸治)                      I use Debian GNU/Linux
mail: yabuki@netfort.gr.jp 

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