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Bug#382129: Beta3 won't boot on OldWorld PowerPC Mac

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 02:33:31PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Aurélien GÉRÔME wrote:
> > Okay, in that case, I strongly disagree. That would be like saying
> > the efforts to get it working until now are worthless.
> No, it would simply be a statement of fact. If d-i cannot be made to
> support oldworld powerpc in time for etch despite everyone's work, then
> it makes sense to document this.
> > The individual behind debian-installer has already kicked out Sven
> > without any concern for the PowerPC port well being.
> If a port cannot survive if one very disruptive and hard to work with
> individual is kicked out of one project, then it has *very* big
> problems.

Maybe, but then, i saw little by little the other powerpc porters leaving, and
when i had trouble following on it, i was left fully alone, and to quote
Frans: "We know sven will eventually fix it, so we don't care". And you
accused the porters of lazyness in the post-sarge release time, but weren't
interested in any plan to ease their work.

Also, you put all the blame on me, saying i am disruptive and hard to work
with, but you and Frans also had a high part in this whole mess, especially
Frans, who started somewhen last fall to take me as a scapegoat and stuff.
Just reread our exchanges, each time i said something, in which i was wrong
sometimes, but othertimes not, i got an almost immediate bashing reply from

As thus, i think that a project who has to kick out one of its member, because
it is unable to cope with someone who suggests and want to discuss novel ideas
to make things better (and i never did more than suggest and try to open
discussions, i never, despite the d-i team's accusations, force my ideas on
anybody or other such), is a project who has indeed a *very* big problem.

> > I sincerely hope I will succeed getting an access to the
> > debian-installer SVN repository to work on miboot targets and on
> > miboot-installer...
> It's trivial to get access to the d-i svn repository. Simply send
> working patches to debian-boot, once we know you and your work you will
> be added in short order.

Unless you are named Sven Luther, right ? 


Sven Luther
> -- 
> see shy jo

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