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mipsel install failure in gxemul-ated decstation


I've been trying to follow instructions I found about installing debian
in a GXemul emulated decstation. The issue I have is that shortly after
reaching 'load installer components from CD', I get a failure to load
archdetect. If I press back and try again, the installation proceeds a
bit further but ultimately fails to copy anything to my target disk.
If I go to a shell and try to run archdetect there, I get:

archdetect: /lib/debian-installer.so.4: version `LIBDI_4.5' not found
(required by archdetect) 

I suppose gxemul is not a supported target platform, OTOH it does look like
the issue might be a broken dependancy in the installer and so impact other
mipsel hardware - I have not been able to actually check.

Steps I took to reproduce the issue:
* Install gxemul package
* Make empty virtual disk:
  dd if=/dev/zero of=debian_pmax.img bs=1024 count=1 seek=3300000
* Get kernel from http://www.firstworks.com/mips-linux-2.4.31/vmlinux-2.4.31
  (GXemul seems to have issues with serial ports in the default kernel)
* Get mipsel ISO from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
  (I tried daily and etch-beta3 images, netinst and businesscard).
* Run the emulator:
  gxemul -X -e3max -d debian_pmax.img -d debian-testing-mipsel-netinst.iso \

I then followed the instructions from
There are two warnings to ignore before reaching the issue, related to
a failure to configure the keyboard layout and a lack of modules for
the kernel I used. After that I hit the archdetect issue, which I do not
think to be related to either of these previous warnings.

Has anyone successfully used the beta3 installer on mipsel ?
Is there a way to force the subarch rather than running archdetect ?
Any other advice I could use in this situation ?


Michel "Walken" Lespinasse
"Bill Gates is a monocle and a Persian cat away from being the villain
in a James Bond movie." -- Dennis Miller

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