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Bug#383611: choose-mirror

On 8/24/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
reassign 383611 choose-mirror
retitle 383611 Please allow to specify full URLs for the chosen mirror

Quoting Tuncer Ayaz (tuncer.ayaz@gmail.com):
> update:
> being able to select choose-mirror in expert mode helps a lot but
> it still does not allow specifying ftp:// instead of http:// access.

IIRC, abandoning the FTP/HTTP choice was a deliberate action.

opinions may have changed, especially for expert mode.

> therefore, let's reduce my problem set to:
> - allow complete repo url specification in choose-mirror

Should be a wishlist bug, with the correct title, yes.

control@b.d.o should take care of my request I sent a minute ago

> btw, as I had to enter the repo-info twice I'm not sure it was
> choose-mirror that was being called twice or another module
> the 2nd time although it looked the same.

Strange. You really would need to explain the exact sequence of
actions you ran to get to this.

- start installer in expert mode
- when asked for Installer Components to load select choose-mirror
- you will be asked for repository-information twice
- on a 2nd install I saw that you get repo-info questions (choose-mirror)
even if you don't select choose-mirror to load, so it's a little logic error
it seems that happens when you select choose-mirror which is only a
a little irritating, no real problem.

> would it make sense to change the bug-report's package to
> choose-mirror?

Certainly. The wishlist above belongs to it.

> so, depending on the bug-tracker's feature we should maybe
> close this bug and I will re-open it for choose-mirror instead.

No, you can reassign and manipulate a bug report by mail. See
http://bugs.debian.org as described in

Which is what I'm doing in this mail, BCC'ed to
control@bugs.debian.org (usual way, mostly meant to avoid users
inadvertently replying to control@b.d.o)

I've sent a request for setting the sever_ity to wishlist.

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