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Bug#343304: kbd-chooser: Ukrainian keyboard does not work (1st & 2nd stages)

retitle 343304 kbd-chooser: Ukrainian keyboard does not work (installed system)

14 грудня 2005 о 11:10 +0200 Eugeniy Meshcheryakov написав(-ла):
> When trying to install Debian in Ukrainian language and Ukrainian
> keyboard layout selected it is impossible to enter Cyrillic characters
> in 1st stage (it should be possible to switch to cyrillic layout by
> pressing right ctrl or alt key). In 2nd stage I get only white boxes
> instead of characters when entering from keyboard (but cyrillic
> characters are displayed correctly by programs like base-config). Keymap
> file /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz looks completely incorrect (no
> charset declaration, some strange compose sequences, ...).
Update: it is possible to enter Cyrillic characters in installer with
kbd-chooser 1.30 (it needed keyboard in unicode mode to work). After
installation /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz contains junk, so nothing
changed here.

Also, I tried to install system with mini.iso and did not get tasksel
screen, and 'ukrainian' task was not installed, and there were no
console-cyrillic in installed system. But if other images run tasksel
that bug will not be so important (at least for Ukrainian) because
console-cyrillic will setup keyboar correctly (hopefully, but I'll
retest later).

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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