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Bug#380105: Show current hour in hardware clock question

> This untested patch should solve this issue.  I'm not sure where in
> the template it is best to place the value, and hope someone else can
> have a look before commit it.
>   * Display current system time when asking if it should use UTC or
>     not. (Closes: #380105)

It can be enhanced a little to avoid marking a string a translatable
while it contains only a variable. This will avoid many translators errors:

> --- debian/clock-setup.templates        (revisjon 40086)
> +++ debian/clock-setup.templates        (arbeidskopi)
> @@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
>  Default: true


>  _Description: Is the system clock set to UTC?
>   System clocks are generally set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
> + The current system time is now
> + .
> +    ${CURRENT_TIME}
> + .
>   The operating system uses your time zone to convert system time into
>   local time. This is recommended unless you also use another operating
>   system that expects the clock to be set to local time.

This indeed uses a recent new feature of po-debconf which is *very*
convenient. See po-debconf(7) for details.

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