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Why manual po-file msgids one long line?

Is it necessary to have the installer guide msgids in po files one
huge line? It would seem to me they could be indented to make them
more readable.

I mean, text like this is pretty bad for reading:

msgid ""
"The benefit you gain depends on a type of a MD device you are creating. "
"Currently supported are: <variablelist> <varlistentry> <term>RAID0</"
"term><listitem><para> Is mainly aimed at performance. RAID0 splits all "
"incoming data into <firstterm>stripes</firstterm> and distributes them "
"equally over each disk in the array. This can increase the speed of read/"
"write operations, but when one of the disks fails, you will loose "
"<emphasis>everything</emphasis> (part of the information is still on the "
"healthy disk(s), the other part <emphasis>was</emphasis> on the failed "
"disk). </para><para> The typical use for RAID0 is a partition for video "
"editing. </para></listitem> </varlistentry> <varlistentry> <term>RAID1</"
"term><listitem><para> Is suitable for setups where reliability is the first "
"concern. It consists of several (usually two) equally sized partitions where "
"every partition contains exactly the same data. This essentially means three "
"things. First, if one of your disks fails, you still have the data mirrored "
"on the remaining disks. Second, you can use only a fraction of the available "
"capacity (more precisely, it is the size of the smallest partition in the "
"RAID). Third, file reads are load balanced among the disks, which can "
"improve performance on a server, such as a file server, that tends to be "

I did not find a readymade program for indenting xml, but I could
write some python code to make the above indented sensibly. I was
planning setting a max line length and starting a new line for tags
like <listitem>, <para>, <varlistentry> etc.

Tapio Lehtonen

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