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Gtk 2.10 (DirectFB) progress report


 Gtk 2.10 merges the DirectFB Gdk backend in the upstream sources.
 2.10.0 was released the 3rd of July, and 2.10.1 the 24th.

 Gtk 2.10 still requires patches to properly use the DirectFB flavor of
 Cairo -- relevant patches sent upstream -- but the DirectFB patch is

 However, it's not in an uploadable state because the DirectFB flavor of
 Gtk 2.10 requires:
 - a fresher DirectFB than the latest release (; I hope the
   DirectFB maintainer has the time to prepare a snapshot for
   experimental as requested in Debian #383238
 - to rebuild the DirectFB flavor of Cairo with --enable-pdf and
   --enable-ps as requested in Debian #383297
 - to rebuild Cairo against the new DirectFB which changes SONAME, I
   hope an upload to experimental will be possible once DirectFB is
   uploaded but I've not requested that yet

 If you want to test these, I've prepared binary packages but these are
 not even suitable for experimental, so WARNING, dangerous, etc.:
 - DirectFB, CVS snapshot, package name not changed despite SONAME change,
 - Cairo, rebuilt with appropriate configure flags for the DirectFB
   backend and against the new DirectFB
 - Gtk 2.10, built against the above, still WIP

 (You can also rebuild these with the patches I've sent in the BTS, and
 from pkg-gnome's SVN.)

 Be warned that the new Gtk 2.10 is binary incompatible with Gdk Pixbuf
 Loaders and Gtk IM Modules built with pre-2.10 Gtk versions; you'll
 need to rebuild udeb modules.

 Feedback on regressions in the Debian Installer introduced by the 2.10
 switch are welcome to debian-gtk-gnome@, or the Gtk BTS.

 I'll keep the list posted if I happen to upload Gtk 2.10 to

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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