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Bug#382983: d-i beta3 on SGI Indigo2 (IP22)

Thiemo Seufer <ths@networkno.de> wrote:


> Well, it _should_ try to boot from scsi(X)cdrom(Y)partition(8)/sashARCS,
> which _should_ be provided in the CD's volume header as an alias to
> r4k-ip22.

>From the PROM:
>> ls scsi(0)cdrom(3)partition(8)

>From a running system:
% sudo dvhtool -d /dev/sr0 --print-volume-directory
----- directory entries -----
Entry #0, name "r4k-ip22", start 7480, bytes 9414656

Which would indicate a problem with the CD build script, I guess ?



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