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Bug#382684: Installation crashes system

On Saturday 12 August 2006 18:48, Pierre Dagenais wrote:
> Comments/Problems: The installation seemed to go well using
> debian-31r2-i386-binary-1.iso. I chose to install grub to first HD. I
> rebooted and got error 21 from Grub. My system as two HD. 1st 120 G and
> second 250 G. The installation was on second HD. I had to reinstall XP
> to get my computer going again. Any suggestions?

Error 21 is "unknown boot failure", so not much help there.

The most likely problem is that the 2 harddisks are somehow getting mixed 
up as described in the errata:

You should be able to solve the problem. Check what BIOS considers to be 
your first hard drive and make sure your grub configuration matches that.


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