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Re: barriers on filesystems for laptops by default?

debian-kernel on CC, here's the base URL:

If there are discussion, I suggest we remove debian-boot from CC!
I thus set reply-to to d-k.

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006.08.12.1236 +0100]:
> I guess I'll approach Hans Razor and Theodore about this.

Here's Theo:

  This is correct, and Chris Mason has recently submitted patches to
  change the default.  (For both ext3 and reiserfs)

  The reason why it was disabled at first was because it was new
  code, and concerns about whether drives would implement it
  properly, and whether there were any problems with the code.
  Probably too much time passed between when the code was introduced
  and when it was enabled by default, but most filesystem developers
  are a conservative bunch, and while they might be willing to
  enable features when it is their own data at risk, they are less
  willing to enable it by default and inflict said changes on users
  without being 100% sure that it is bugfree(tm).

  The patches were submitted about a week ago on LKML; it probably
  would be appropriate to include them in the next spin of the
  Debian kernel image.

Thus, please include the patch...

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