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Bug#382424: D-I hangs (waiting for APT input?)

Package: debian-installer


I tried a debian installer session in qemu and noticed that it hangs
after some time.

I used the debian-testing-i386-binary-1.iso image from
$ cat /mnt/etch-dvd1/.disk/info
Debian GNU/Linux testing "Etch" - Official Snapshot i386 Binary-1

I don't know the version of the debian installer (any way to determine

After installing of the base system I selected the item »back« to enter
the main menu. Now I selected software installation but the software
selection dialog shows only a "Please wait ..." mesage with a progress of
"1%". The syslog and the ps ax output indicate that apt is running and
probably waits for input:

Menu item 'pkgsel' selected
The following NEW packages will be installed:

 1039 root  4528 R  apt-get -o APT::Status-FD=4 -o APT::Keep-FDs::=5 -o A

Since I have no direct access to the logs and command outputs I attached
screenshots of console 4 and ps. (I can access the partition in the image
from my host system using losetup but it seems not to be in sync with
the file system inside qemu.)

I keep qemu running just in case you want more information ...


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