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Bug#381960: Passphrases with non-ASCII characters are not recognized by the installed system

block 381960 by 365308

On Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 01:39:35AM +0200, Max Vozeler wrote:
> 2. For the encrypted device crypt1 on /dev/sda3 I entered a
> passphrase that included two umlauts. The first odd thing was that
> the asterisk usually shown in the passphrase entry field was shown
> differently: The asterisk appeared, but the cursor was not advanced
> to the next character. I continued through the installation, but
> found that entering the same passphrase during boot did not work. I
> tried unsetting LANG, calling unicode_start/_stop before running
> /etc/init.d/cryptdisks start once the system had booted, but none
> of those combinations would accept the original passphrase
> ("äppelwöi"). This is a little surprising, because S05keymap.sh
> runs earlier during boot than S26cryptdisks-early. 

Thanks to bubulle's help on IRC, we found that the passphrase in
d-i is actually entered in ISO-8859-1. The installed system is
configured to use an UTF-8 charmap, which makes it impossible to
enter the same passphrase correctly.

Steps to reproduce:
  1) Install in german language (or other with UTF-8)
  2) Enter passphrase with non-ASCII characters
  3) Boot into installed system, passphrase is not accepted
  4) dpkg-reconfigure locales, select non-UTF-8 locale as default
  5) Reboot
  6) Passphrase is accepted

This is actually a problem in kbd-chooser, which I'm marking as
blocking bug for this problem in partman-crypto.


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