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Bug#381693: Installer Fails To Create LVM Partitions

reassign 381693 partman-auto-lvm
severity 381693 wishlist
retitle 381693 Should automatically delete pre-existing LVM from selected disk

On Sunday 06 August 2006 17:08, Jason Self wrote:
> Severity: serious

This is a gross inflation of severity.

> I then get an error saying the installer can't do it because there's
> already LVM partitions on the drive.

This is a known issue we have not yet gotten around to improve. Patches
are welcome.

Note that with the current version of the installer you can resolve this
by first selecting "manual partitioning", then selecting "configure LVM"
at the main partman screen and use the LVM menu to delete existing LVs
and VGs, and finally choose guided partitioning again.

The installer should probably show an overview of existing VGs and LVs
and ask for confirmation before deleting them.

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