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Bug#371856: Additional info on: "Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity" on a pre-beta3 CD


I downloaded a pre-beta3 netinst cd 03.08.2006 and as far as I could
see it went mostly fine; only the CD-ROM integrity check doesn't
complete successfully.

I then noticed that this was already mentioned in this bugreport,
so some more info here:

it seems that not the mentioned file
(dists/etch/main/binary-i386/Packages) is the problem, but the
check routine itself. The Packages file is the first file in the
md5sums.txt file and the check for it fails, although the checksum
is ok, when I mount the CD in a running sarge system and check the
md5sum (AND md5sum-checking the file on the second console
whithin the installer also shows identical sum as written in

This was on a netinst CD. 

I thought I could try another media, so I loaded a businesscard CD
and there it's similar: 
Check fails on the Release file in the same dir, as there is no
Packages file on a businesscard. The Release file is the first
entry in the md5sums.txt file on a businesscard CD.



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