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Re: General question


On Tuesday 01 August 2006 17:16, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> > 1. In the past I discovered the project "FAI" by Thomas Lange and changed
> > it to the possibility to install not as Thomas` version Debian sarge, but
> > Debian etch (and sid,too). Everything worked just fine. So my idea was,
> > to implement this famous tool into the installer as an option, to get a
> > fast installation for newcomers.  I imagine it as a standard
> > installation, where the newbie will get a ready system, which he only has
> > to fine tune.
> > What do you think, should this kind of option be integrated in the future
> There is preseeding which should automate installations for as many
> cases as you may want. 

Exactly. I use preseeding to automatically install the fai package and then do 
the rest of the package installation and configuration via FAI. Works great!

The integration could be made nicer (use preseeding to configure and execute 
fai), but that would just mean a different syntax in the preseeding file :)


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