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Re: General question

On 02/08/06, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> wrote:
> Note that, generally the defaults chosen in the installer are prety
> decent and in most cases you will need to adjust questions' priority
> minimal level that needs to be shown.

Actually I was planing to create such a "Debian Desktop" image since
CeBIT (we created a nice preceeding DVD there), and later, if it has
proven stable and usefull, come back to you guys.

Sadly I never had time to do it :(

> That's why automated partitioning exists (question for others, is
> "automated paritioning in free space" an option currently present in
> partman?).


I have checked it yesterday, it does not. This would be a really nice
feature, although I know partman is no longer maintained actively...

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