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Bug#380648: installation report

Could you boot the installer with "rescue". This should allow you to enter
a chroot on your root file system.

OK. I first tried to reinstall to get me where I was with the problem but ran into another problem - old LVM metadata exists and I get an error when I want to create an LVM volume on md0. There was problaby LVM metadata from previous install attempt and I got the following error when I tried to create a volume group:

Error while reducing volume group

The volume group BIG could not be created.

Please check the error log ...

and the error log on VT4 (nothing on VT3!) contains the following:
partman-lvm: Incorrect metadata area header checksum

Trying to redo the LVM setup also failed. Overwriting md0 with zeros from VT2 helped - retry after that worked fine.

Now back to previous test.

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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