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Bug#380648: installation report, known issue

I redid the install with root of software raid and no LVM and it worked
fine, so my problem seems LVM-related.

That sounds to me like that the expections were lowered,
I think it is a pity to settle for less.

Nope, it was just a test server to be reinstalled some more times and I decided to pinpoint the problem more excatly. It doesn't look like a mdadm problem at first glance since raid was recoginzed and even lvm mostly initialzed on top of it. But initramfs-tools might well be the culprit.

* [27 Jul 06] Root on software raid installs are broken in testing;
 you need the initramfs-tools and mdadm packages from unstable to boot.
are 'testing' and 'unstable'. They are code words for versions.
'testings' means "available for some while and 'unstable' means "each day
could have a newer version". ( the 'unstable' factor is the rapid change
in  next version ) In other words: 'unstable' is newer then 'testing'.

The lines should be read as "use the version from unstable"

Well, the installation was not in a state to try them yet, but I might try it with a rescue mode installcd. First I thought you meant to try sid d-i but it's even older, 28 Jul - would it by chance contain the newer initramfs-tools and mdadm?

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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