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Bug#380718: lspci command not present after reboot in non-Desktop configuration

Package: installation-reports

Note: This is not the same bug as #379120.

This bug report is about the condition after the reboot. It's not about the time during installation -- before the reboot.

It seems that lspci is pulled in by the "Desktop" task. It's absent after the reboot in a "bare-bones" ("Desktop" un-checked) install.

Leaving "Desktop" unchecked in tasksel is something that one might reasonably want to use for a simple server. However, a simple server is a classic case where you might actually want "lspci" and friends to be present...

So to put the problem as simply as possible:

The command "lspci" is present during the installation (see bug #379120) before the reboot. But after the reboot, whether lspci is present or absent depends on whether the user left the "Desktop environment" checked when the installer was running tasksel. If it was checked, then lspci will be present in the installed system after the reboot. If it was not checked, then lspci will be absent after the reboot.

It seems to me that lspci is such a basic tool that it ought to be present in the bare-bones system, not dragged in as an afterthought by the Desktop task.



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