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General question

Dear developers,

I would be pleased, if you could tell me your thoughts about some points, 
which came in my mind.

1. In the past I discovered the project "FAI" by Thomas Lange and changed it 
to the possibility to install not as Thomas` version Debian sarge, but Debian 
etch (and sid,too). Everything worked just fine. So my idea was, to implement 
this famous tool into the installer as an option, to get a fast installation 
for newcomers.  I imagine it as a standard installation, where the newbie 
will get a ready system, which he only has to fine tune.
What do you think, should this kind of option be integrated in the future ? 

2.  Tasksel: To use of tasksel is very fine I think. But what I really miss is 
the option to choose different profiles like: Desktop, Webserver, Mailserver, 
Development etc. I saw an example on the Debian ct` server CD, which was 
nice. I am not exprienced in programming, but if you would like to improve 
this, I can offer you, to define the profiles and make a list, which of the 
programs should be in what profile. Please let me know, if I can help you.

Please understand my intention: To install Debian is a peace of cake for me, 
but for a very newcomer it should be as easy as it could be. A newcomer even 
does not know, what is a partition (primary ????? logical ????) , he does not 
know anything about IP or MBR.

The knowledge will appear later, when he has used Debian for a while.

Last but not least: Thank you for all your work !!! 

Best regards


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