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Bug#380265: Package: installation-reports

On Friday 28 July 2006 21:28, Sarath Jayewardena wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The NIC requires more recent driver code than is available in the
> installer. I have compiled a 2.6.15 kernel on this machine and that
> recognizes the NIC without a problem. The 2.6.15 contains a driver
> with a timestamp of 2005 whereas the driver in the non-working kernels
> generally have shown a 2004 timestamp. So, incorporation of new driver
> code is required.


We are working on 2.6 based floppy images. We expect that the work already 
done on that can be integrated into the installer after the upcoming Beta 
3 release of the installer.

There are already some unofficial images available you can try:

Please let us know if they work for you by replying to this mail.


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