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Re: Installing Debian unstable to IBM pSeries LPAR - success

Please submit an bug against the installation-reports meta package.
(Hint: using reportbug will allow to generate a proper installation

On 24/07/06, AlexB <bozy@pisem.net> wrote:
Good day everyone,

just managed to install Debian unstable to an IBM p570 LPAR. Generally
installation went OK, although Debian installer complained about inability to
finish installation of uw-imapd at the end; also installer complained about
inability to install linux kernel properly, but kernel was installed. Now, after
restart, several small issues have been spotted:

1) eth0 interface was not brought up, seems to be a typo in
/etc/network/interfaces, 'auto eth0' line was missing.

2) no entry for console getty in /etc/inittab - so no way to log in from console
(the console is a terminal connection to virtual seriel port from HMC)

3) no openssh server installed by default - so even if ethernet is brought up,
there is no way to log in to the system after reboot due to point 2). After
openssh server installation - no startup script in /etc/rcS.d, the link has to
be done manually.

The only way to correct was to boot with 'single' kernel parameter and modify
relevant files by hand. After reboot everything seems to be OK.

/etc/issue reads:
Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable \n \l

uname -a reads:
Linux lnxsrv 2.6.15-1-powerpc64 #2 SMP Mon Mar 6 12:50:57 CET 2006 ppc64

I used debian-testing-powerpc-netinst.iso image as of 17/07/2006 and installed
rest of packaged over Internet.


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