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Bug#377752: installation report

I have one request for future reports. Please check your spelling and use 
proper capitalization of sentences. As it is now, the report is 
unnecessarily difficult to read, which makes a response to it less 

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 03:50, Brian Morris wrote:
> i have bugreport installed, but linix email is a complete mystery to
> me.

I hope you have this figured out a bit by now :-)
BTW, it is Linux, not linix.

> Comments/Problems:
> i started with stable sarge and after about a month began upgrade from
> that to testing. judging by some reports it may have indeed been a
> better strategy than install testing straight off. 

I must say I am a bit confused by this installation report, especially in 
relation to the report you filed this week (#379193).

You seem to prefer the Sarge installation, but most of the issues you list 
below should be the same for the Sarge and the Etch installers.
The only real thing that has changed is that you now no longer need to 
reboot during the installation. We feel that this is a definite 
improvement and there are several real technical advantages to it.

In #379193, you refer to this report as a "failed installation". However, 
the only thing I see here are usability comments and some things that you 
would like to see supported in the installer. To me it looks like the 
installation was overall successful and that most of your remaining 
points can be fixed relatively easily in the installed system.
> i have a few issues with the installer: 
>  a) it does not let me choose expert mode with out and external keyboard
>  on this laptop.

That must be a limitation of your BIOS or the bootloader used for the 
installer then. Not something we can do very much about I think, but I'm 
not a powerpc expert.

>  b) to configure a lan gateway, i am not allowed at base install. i must
>  choose one NIC only to configure. 

Correct. More complex or additional setups need to be done after the 
system has been installed.

>  c) i am not getting what i want as far as diagnostic messages, there
>  should be a verbose mode.

That is a rather useless remark without detailing exactly what information 
you are missing and where. Note that /var/log/syslog does contain some 
additional info.
The installer is designed to only interact with the user where needed.

>  d) i do not consider that what is accomplished here is any sort of a
>  useful system. there is part II, which is loading of "optional"
>  packages, i don't mean application packages really i mean services. 
>  i think that their needs to be a second stage to it. there is too much
>  to stumble through. well there is a second stage of sorts but it is
>  over-automated.

Well, for installation of additional packages you can choose between 
various package management tools. The purpose of the installer is to set 
up a working system, if you like including a graphical desktop 
Again, please be more specific.

>  e) the sizes selected by the partitioner were not at all appropriate to
>  my needs, i had to resize/move parttions afterwards with parted, a
>  couple times before i got everything going. 

That is why we offer the option to do manual partitioning. If you don't 
like what the guided partitioner does, either use that as a base and make 
changes, or tell the installer to create a new disklabel and start from 

> in addition to allowing for secondary network, i think part of the
> second stage could be help with support for more devices. so have listed
> as error there above.  

What extra devices?

> my external backup drive does not appear to be functioning correctly in
> linix altho it is fine in macos. 

That is possible. You will probably have to google around a bit to find if 
the drive is supported by the kernel. If you can't find an answer, people 
on the debian-powerpc mailing list may be able to help.
> at first i thought this install was perfect, compared to my last one on
> an old world mac. but after i work with it a while i realize some
> problems were hidden. 

Like what problems? Please be more specific.

> i guess it dawns on me after a while that filing installation report is
> sort of like registering - perhaps it is important to have this machine
> listed, every one counts, and also in specific or statistical cases
> someone may wish to check the logs at debian.

No, you really don't need to register  :-)
But we do appreciate your comments as it helps us get a feel for where to 
go with the installer.


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