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Bug#379067: couple of minor glitches in install of powerpc

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Rick Thomas wrote:
> But, it does *not* make sense for a businesscard or netinst install. 
> For either of those, you must have reasonable network access to have any
> chance of succeeding.  Making people keep their install CD around
> forever (or until they edit their sources.list file -- which I contend
> again is extremely newbie-unfriendly) and making them put it in the

That's not necessary, as soon as new versions of the the packages arrive in
the distribution, the cd will contain only outdated packages. The desktop
desktop default installation will install synaptic and at update the older
versions from the netinst will have lower priority than the web. Also, take
into account that the netinst contains only the base-install (AFAIK, please
correct me if I am wrong), so it is likely that *every* system will have those
packages installed and never removed, so no need for a CD anyway.

OTOH, I agree that the analysis above is a nice consequence, and probably not
so clean in theory.

> drive every single time they want to install a new application is just
> silly.  It smacks of MicroSoft. (I know -- Debian's motives are
As I explained, this will not happen.

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