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Re: initramfs-tools 0.7x pending changes - klibc only initramfs

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, maximilian attems wrote:
> - prereqs mechanism:
> uses costly boot time and there is no easy solution to be first
> nor to be last. proposed solution is to remove it plainly.
> (scripts that don't use wouldn't be affected, as prereqs only
> enters in the game if you invoke the script with the `prereqs' arg)
> the proposed simple solution would be do use numerical precedences,
> aka a simple
> 05evms 10mdadm 20lvm 90cryptsetup (example for scripts/local-top/ dir)
> thus the complex prereqs mechanism would be replaced by
> for s in dir/*; do
> 	$s
> done
> thus package maintainers would need to rename their scripts according
> aboves.

discussed that shortly with Keybuk, and jbailey's arg that
the initramfs is supposed to be runtime assembled takes precendence.
using parameter expansion instead of basename for prereqs for 0.71.

so prereqs will stay for etch.

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