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Bug#378078: failed sarge install on laptop

Joey Hess wrote:
Brent Burton wrote:

The log on VC 4 (Alt-F4) shows that a grep for the packages is
failing in the "anna" process. Specifically, at line 48 of
is the statement "suite=$RET".  $RET is an empty string. Thus,
grep is searching for the file "/cdrom/dists//Release" (sic)
when the path is actually "/cdrom/dists/sarge/Release".
The variable "suite" should be "sarge"; modifying cdrom-retriever
to explicitly set "suite=sarge" allows the CD to be recognized
as an installation CD, and the install continues.

This same CD was used to install a few boxes at work and those went

The problem is that your laptop is not reliably reading the CD and the
Release file cannot be read. This generally results in the code that
tries to determine the suite failing. In etch, this condition is
detected and an error displayed:

_Description: Error reading Release file
 The CD-ROM does not seem to contain a valid 'Release' file, or that file
 could not be read correctly.
 You may try to repeat CD-ROM detection but, even if it does succeed the
 second time, you may experience problems later in the installation.

BTW, turning off DMA for the CD may help.

Thanks for the response and it's taken me a while to re-check this.

I disabled DMA by booting "linux ide=nodma" (2.4 kernel) and
confirmed that DMA was disabled for the cdrom (hdc) by checking
 /proc/ide/hdc/settings.  using_dma was zero.
The install still fails in the exact same place.

At this point, of the 12 reboots of the netinst CD as well as
the normal CD installation, it fails in the exact same way
on both disks, always.

I'll do more searching for similar problems. Thanks again.

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