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Re: which kernel version for etch

On Sun, Jul 16, 2006 at 10:59:05AM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> our original plan has been to release the d-i RC on 14th August, and
> freeze the kernel for this on July 30th. Is this plan still current? If
> so, can we expect an acceptable kernel on these days?

We should try to meet the original schedule as close as possible, in
order to release in December. 

Due to various problems, 2.6.16 has not made it into testing yet,
sadly postponing the BETA3 release of D-I. 
The two local root vulnerabilities have delayed this even more now, 
but latest Linux-2.6.16 was uploaded with urgency=high including all 
security fixes and should enter testing ASAP. 

> The plan also
> included a small window around October 15th to allow an ABI bump / a new
> kernel version into etch - I hope this is still ok for all involved.

Looking at the 2.6.16.x ABI change history and considering our open
topics with the 2.6.17 package we want to complete before kernel freeze, 
there will probably be a few more ABI bumps before the package is finally 
We probably will need some flexibility here, especially in the light of
the last two security issues. But this should be discussed when at the
appropriate time. 

So far, we can only say: one ABI bump will probably not be enough.

> Please note that from the release team's side, there is no requirement
> to freeze the kernel in any other way than to allow the installer
> at this time, so making the time span between freeze and d-i RC shorter
> won't get an objection from us if the installer team is happy.

Great. We will coordinate the next steps after beta3 is done.

I would like to point out the we will not allow a release of Etch with a
vulnerable kernel, as it happened with Sarge, and from discussions on
IRC I am sure this is a consensus. Updating and building the kernel
images, udebs and the installer currently takes approximately one week 
round trip time.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler


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