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Re: which kernel version for etch


On Sun, Jul 16, 2006 at 11:26:04AM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> Also, obviously I forgot to ask something - how does the firmware issue
> look like to you? Are there critical parts of non-free firmware we need
> to have in the installer? Or is all firmware now remote enough to say
> "well, it's good enough if people can add stuff after installation"?

the non-free firmware package contains all qlogic FC host firmwares,
which are needed to initialize the devices. You cannot access the
attached storage without it.

The kernel firmware issue has not been solved yet in Debian. Plans for 
a GR to decide if and which firmware is distributable in Debian after the
"editorial changes" to the SC have never been realized. 

Currently, distributing appropriately licensed firmwares without source 
in the non-free repository is - pragmatically - the best solution for 
those of our users, who run hardware which requires a binary only 

We need a fundamental solution for this, after Etch has been

Best regards
Frederik Schueler


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