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Re: what creates /dev/.tmp.md0?

On Monday 17 July 2006 00:48, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006.07.08.0008 
> > >    mdadm: --auto=yes requires a 'standard' md device name,
> > >    not /dev/.tmp.md0
> I just saw an Ubuntu Breezy Live CD with mdadm 1.11.0 use
> /dev/.tmp.md0 too... I think this must be something
> Debian-specific... but what?

I have tried this again in d-i, and to me it does not look 
It _is_ specific to mdadm 2.4.1-6. I cannot reproduce it with mdadm 
2.5.2-6 in otherwise *exactly the same environment*. So it looks to me as 
if mdadm changed its behavior somewhere between these two versions.
The _new_ mdadm behaves correctly.

However, this behavior does make it impossible for us to switch from using 
mdrun to using mdadm in d-i before mdadm 2.5.2-6 is in testing.

I have tested d-i again with the new mdadm, both using mdrun and mdadm in 
the scripts. Result is that:
- for d-i mdadm 2.5.2-6 is OK for unstable;
- we can deprecate mdrun in d-i after that version has migrated to


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