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Re: Bug#352610: Please create a udeb for ntpdate

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Since I filed this bug, someone suggested that a tool other than ntp
> might be better since it's smaller.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember
> the name right now.  I'm CCing -boot so other people can comment, but
> unless there are great ideas, I'm still interesting in having an ntp
> udeb.

I should also point out that the ntpdate program is deprecated upstream, 
is no longer maintained, and no bugs are being fixed for it.  All the 
functionality is picked up by the normal ntpd program, and I would 
expect the Debian ntp package to also move that way.  It's questionable 
whether you want to put that sort of software into the installer with a 
bit of perspective.  If you want to be future-proof, we could build an 
ntp-udeb.  I'm not sure what kind of size constraints the installer is 
operating under, though.

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