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Re: Bug#352610: Please create a udeb for ntpdate

* Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com> [2006-07-15 01:48]:
> Yeah, ntpdate  will do the job, and it's a good bit smaller than the  
> full ntp-simple package.
> The alternative you were thinking of *may* be "chrony".

Maybe, although it seems that ntpdate is signiticantly smaller than

> However, keep in mind that NTP, by it's very nature, needs access to  
> a network time server.  The operative word here is "network".  If you  
> don't have access to the global internet, and you don't have an NTP  
> server on your local network (or you're doing an install without any  
> network connection at all for some reason) both ntpdate and chrony  
> will fail.  You need to think hard about what you want to do under  
> those circumstances.  Is it acceptable to have the d-i ask for the  
> address of an NTP server at the same time as it's asking for other  
> network parameters?  For what it's worth, some DHCP servers will  

We'd obviously only run NTP if the network is available.  It's useful
on e.g. network installations.
Martin Michlmayr

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