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Bug#377974: exim4-config fails with awk; line 21 syntax error on arm

* S. Voortman <svoortman@thecoast.tmfweb.nl> [2006-07-15 18:30]:
> Just finished with it.
> It still goes wrong (dependencies: exim4-config, *base, *daemon-light, at,  
> exim4, mutt, mailx), but the installer doesn't hang anymore! It now goes  
> on and finally turns up a red screen:

The awk error is gone.  The error now is:

Jan  1 03:13:18 apt-install: Setting up exim4-config (4.62-2) ...
Jan  1 03:14:01 apt-install: dpkg: error processing exim4-config (--configure):
Jan  1 03:14:01 apt-install:  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 20

Which really doesn't tell us much. :/

Oh, no, looking at the other file, I still see the awk errors.  Uhm, the tar
file you sent contains a syslog file and you also sent another syslog file.
The former doesn't contain the awk error, the latter does.  Can you explain
again where those two files comes from?

> Next step is to continue without boot loader, this instructs me to  
> '...boot manually with the /boot/vmlinuz kernel on partition /dev/dhb1 and  
> root=/dev/hdb1 passed as a kernel argument.'
> Is this still right? I thought the kernel needed a initrd anyway? There is  
> one in /target/boot ...

In case the of the rpc kernel, everything you need is compiled in.

Martin Michlmayr

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