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Re: Etch Beta 3 release - status update

On Friday 07 July 2006 00:01, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 22 June 2006 22:29, Frans Pop wrote:
> > I will post a more detailed release plan as soon as it is clear when
> > the 2.6.16 kernel packages will migrate to testing. Some information
> > about Beta 3 is already available from [1].
> As this has not yet happened, there is no real progress on the release,
> although a lot of general preparation has been done.
> There is some activity to resolve the issues around 2.6.16, but there
> is also a real chance that the migration will not happen and that we
> will have to cancel Beta 3.

I'm a bit more positive although things are still moving slowly. There is 
now a new source package that provides the needed kernel meta packages 
waiting in NEW for testing-proposed-updates.

A further delay will be caused by the two major kernel security issues 
published this week which means a new linux-2.6.16 is needed. We will 
need to also update the kernel udebs after that.

I still intend to post a more detailed release plan when the kernel is 
ready to migrate. As the past month has shown, it is useless to do so 
before that time.


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