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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze for next release - please update translations

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 11:45, Frans Pop wrote:
> So, translators: please update your translations! I plan to upload the
> release on Monday 24 July, so you have almost 2 weeks.

Sorry for the number of build runs for the manual today and for the last 
minute changes. The comments I had added for the optional paragraphs in 
the GPL caused build errors and corruption of that POT file...
All should be well again now though.

Anyway, if you already updated your translation, please check one more 

For PO-based translations the current status is:
 1 100%	 sv	
 2 098%	 zh_CN	
 3 097%	 ru	
 4 096%	 pt	
 5 095%	 ko	
 6 093%	 vi	
 7 088%	 el	
 8 078%	 zh_TW	


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