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Bug#377974: pkgsel: progress bar get's stuck while processing continues

One issue that was initially mentioned is missing in the report. As it 
also is an issue that does need looking into, I'm detailing it below.

Joey Hess and me have seen the same issue.

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 23:09, S. Voortman wrote:
> On Saturday 08 July 2006 22:00, Frans Pop wrote:
> > * S. Voortman <svoortman@thecoast.tmfweb.nl> [2006-07-08 02:05]:
> > > This is the second time that I choose for only '[*] Standard system'
> > > (tasksel's default), and this is already the second time that the
> > > machine stalled while installing:
> > >
> > >     Select and install software
> > >             12%
> > > Retrieving file 45 of 103 (2m21s remaining)
> > 
> > Yes, we have seen hangs in the progress bar around this point
> > occasionally (though seldom) too during recent installs.
> > 
> > The strange thing is though that I doubt it has anything to do with
> > the errors below as they happen long past the point where the progress
> > bar freezes. 
> That's what I found, too. The progress bar freezes but the harddisc is
> still being accessed for minutes before it stops.
> And the progress bar doesn't progress as fast as I would have expected.
> You see, it displays '... 2mxx' and after 1 minute, it's only some
> seconds less then a minute before.
> So if it displays 2m30, 1 minute later it should be aprox. 1m30 but it
> displays eg. 2m25.
> This may or may be not caused by the RTC which can't be read by 2.6
> kernels atm on my RiscPC, so the time at booting always is 1 Jan 1970
> 00:00:00, and I can't change this, as there's no date command available
> at that point.
> May be it's an idea to make a menu item to sync the time with a
> timeserver on internet?

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