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Bug#376068: reportbug installation-report

On Friday 30 June 2006 06:01, Sean Robinson wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The 2.6.15 kernel seems to have problems with 16-bit (PCMCIA) PC cards.
> My 3COM "3CCFEM556 B" (3c574_cs chipset), which worked wonderfully
> under Sarge, with not come up in the installer automatically nor when
> issued "ifup eth0" though the driver is loaded.  Additionally my
> NetGear "MA111" USB wireless network adapter (802.11b, prism2 chipset)
> is neither modprobe'd nor activated as wlan0.

Hmm. You say you used a daily build of the installer, but that uses 2.6.16 
during the installation.

Could you please retry using a daily built image and check the kernel 
version using 'uname -a'?

If it still fails, please provide the following information:
- which driver are we talking about
- output of dmesg when the driver modules are loaded
- any errors during ifup
- syslog (gzipped)

Most likely we will have to refer you to the kernel team though if these 
are really driver problems.

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