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Bug#307324: duplicate installation-reports for HP Proliant 1600 and Dell Latitude D600

After more investigation, it looks like there are duplicate 
installation-reports filed by the submitter for the machines mentioned in the 
still open #307324.

HP ProLiant 1600: broken in #304002 using d-i 20050323 and 20050318, closed
HP ProLiant 1600: working in #304005 using d-i 20050318, closed
Dell Latitude D600: working in #304031 using d-i 20050318, closed
Both: broken in #307324 using d-i 20050429, open

So at one point both were working and then broke in newer builds.
These reports are all so old that I guess we just have to see if the submitter 
can try something newer.

If anyone reading this has access to those machine types and can try an 
install and file an installation-report and email a pointer to this bug, that 
would be greatly appreciated.


Matt Taggart

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