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Bug#376028: PMac install report - OK but a few KDE probs

reassign 376028 kdm
merge 376028 307532


On Thursday 29 June 2006 21:20, Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
> The installation went okay. The primary problems were with kde. I installed
> it after rebooting into the new install. However, KDE when starting up a
> session would cause the machine to shutdown since the laptop components
> were installed and claiming the machine was running out of power. I fixed
> it by escaping to the console, stopping kdm, and doing a "startx".

As the installation went fine, I reassign this to kdm.

> The session close complains about an openoffice component being left open
> when openoffice has never been touched.

I'm not sure whether this is worth cloning the bug as well. Especially as I 
expect more bug reports for this behaviour if this persists :)


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