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Re: mdadm heads-up: deprecating mdrun

Hi Martin,

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 20:01, martin f krafft wrote:
> Here's a patch against the latest d-i SVN checkout, which should
> replace all the mdrun stuff with appropriate mdadm calls.

I have applied your patches (with minor modifications) and they are 
pending upload.

Note that mdcfg.sh from the mdcfg udeb is only used in combination with 
_partconf_ and thus is not used during i386 installs which uses _partman_ 
(nor for most other architectures). This means there are no actual 
changes for a new installation, only for rescue mode.

I have tested the changes for rescue mode with the both with current 
(unstable) and new (experimental) mdadm-udeb with an existing RAID0 array 
(containing root) present. In both cases there were errors.

Current unstable mdadm-udeb
The array was _not_ listed as availble for mounting:
Log says:
   mdadm: --auto=yes requires a 'standard' md device name,
   not /dev/.tmp.md0

# cat /tmp/mdadm.conf
ARRAY /dev/.tmp.md0 level=raid0 num-devices=2 UUID=...

New experimental mdadm-udeb
The array was _not_ listed as availble for mounting:
Log says:
   mdadm: failed to create /dev/md/0
# cat /tmp/mdadm.conf
ARRAY /dev/md/0 level=raid0 num-devices=2 UUID=...

Doing the following manually and restarting the rescue option, the RAID 
array _was_ started normally:
# mkdir /dev/md

Question is: is this an mdadm error or should we make sure that /dev/md 
exists before calling mdadm?

That the changes fail with current mdadm-udeb makes implementing the 
changes in d-i a bit harder than I'd have liked.

> I would appreciate if someone could whack together an image with
> this patch and mdadm-udeb from experimental. I'll give it a spin,
> and anyone else would be very welcome.

An image for i386 that has the mdadm-udeb from experimental and the 
modified rescue udebs is available for testing from:

If you'd also like an image with current mdadm-udeb, I can provide that.

Frans Pop

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