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Bug#377242: parted_devices: should not list floppy devices

clone 377242 -1
reassign -1 parted
retitle -1 [NEW FEATURE] Option to avoid floppy devices while probing
severity -1 wishlist

On Friday 07 July 2006 17:50, Frans Pop wrote:
> Since the switch to 2.6 with udev, partman lists floppy disks as valid
> targets for installation (if the floppy module is loaded).
> The change seems to be that before we only had /dev/floppy/*, while we
> now also have /dev/fd0. Apparently parted_devices includes the latter
> when scanning for devices:

parted_devices calls ped_device_probe_all() which by default probes all 
disc devices. It would be nice if, for debian-installer, we had the 
option to exclude floppy devices from the probe.

See partman-base bug reports #377242 and #373594 for background.

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